Photos from atelierMUSE’s MUSEbasement booth at Otakuthon 2013!

  1. All of the MUSEbasementeers behind the booth on Sunday! Back row, left to right: AE Prevost, Megan (in cosplay), Lily <3, KM Elias; Front row, left to right: KrisRix (in cosplay), Simon Gannon (in cosplay)
  2. MUSEbasement co-founders AE Prevost and Simon Gannon behind the booth on Saturday.
  3. AE Prevost had been teaching in Japan for two years and only just arrived back in town mere days before the con. She brought some authentic Japanese pop-flair to our booth on Saturday with a gorgeous, bold yukata and multi-colored nails!
  4. A shot from the guest green room, overlooking the entire Exhibition Hall!
  5. Simon Gannon (cosplaying as Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4) working on a con sketch behind the booth on Sunday.
  6. Simon Gannon contributing to the EN MASSE mural.
  7. One of AE Prevost’s contributions to the EN MASSE mural. It’s the whole MUSEbasement gang (some in cosplay, some not)!
  8. AE Prevost and Simon Gannon with MUSEbasement alumni, Steph.